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Where do I enter my Coupon Code?

Enter the Coupon when viewing "THE CART" there is a box to enter the coupon number below the list of items in the cart. See the screen shots below in Laptop and Mobile view.



How do I assemble my Christmas tree?

Christmas trees (not tabletop or potted) come with various pieces ranging from 2 to 4 sections. Set up your stand and inset the base piece of your tree, this will be the widest piece and the rod will taper to a point. Tighten the nuts evenly on the base or your will tree will have a lean. (if your tree has lights you will need to find the connector for the next section of the tree). Now fluff this section of tree.

Insert the next section onto the base section (connect lights if required) and fluff this section. Repeat if required then adding tree top section (again connect lights) and fluff, add your tree topper if you have one! Voila a beautiful tree ready for dressing.

If your tree has lights between adding each section plug in and turn on to ensure the lights are connected correctly before proceeding to the next section.

Why does my Christmas tree not look as fluffy as it should?

Our Christmas trees are all hinge based and when the tree is assembled, the limbs should open up. However, you will now need to fluff each limb so that the branches are full and cover in between the gaps.

How do I store my Christmas tree?

To retain the quality of your tree and prevent damage during storage, make sure that all the tree sections are stored together, in a cool, dry place away from dirt, dust and rodents. The ideal storage is a tree storage bag Click here to purchase

Note: Improper storage conditions, such as excessive heat or humidity, dirt, dust or rodent damage is not covered by the warranty of your tree.

Storage Tips

  • Remove all your decorations & fairy lights from your tree. Prelit trees lights will remain on tree.
  • Compress each tree section as much as possible so that it will fit more easily into your storage container.
  • Store your tree in a cool, dry location to prevent mould or odour while in storage. You can always use moisture absorbers in the storage to assist with this.

How do I hang a wreath?

Christmas wreath can be hung using numerous methods, dependant on where you are hanging it. Inside the home a Christmas wreath hook or stand can be the perfect solution Wreath Hooks. Cable ties can be a wonderful way to prevent theft of your wreath when attaching to a wire door or hanging outside. Or simply use a ribbon in a colour that compliments your wreath or home décor.

Why doesn’t my Wreath look like the Picture?

Wreaths are compressed for packaging and will require fluffing give them the beautiful full effect. Watch our link on how to fluff a wreath.

What Payment types do you accept?

We accept Credit Card, AMEX, Applepay, Afterpay & Paypal

Do you offer Layby facilities?

Unfortunately, we do not have a Layby option but alternatively we have Afterpay, allowing 4 instalments due every 2 weeks.

Can I request shipment for a certain date or time?

We do not offer customer selected delivery date or time options.

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