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Top 5 Christmas Trees and DIY Decorating Ideas

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Christmas is the biggest festival of humanity, and throughout the world people celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ as Christmas, with carols, decorating their homes with beautiful Christmas decorations. Well, Christmas is getting closer and with that comes many decisions.

What is a traditional Christmas tree?

A traditional Christmas tree, an evergreen tree, is a decorated tree, usually an evergreen conifer, such as spruce, pine or fir or decorated with lights and ornaments as part of the Christmas celebration. The tree is specially decorated with roses made colored paper, tinsel, apples, wafers, sweets. Later began to be lit by candles and tiny lights. At present, there are various kinds of traditional ornaments, such as floral arrangements, trinkets, tinsel, and candy canes. Edible items such as gingerbread, chocolate, and other sweets are also popular and are tied or hung on tree branches with ribbons.

Christmas trees can be cut fresh, potted, or artificial and used as indoor and outdoor decoration. While trees are traditionally associated with Christian symbolism, their modern use is largely secular. Many families place gifts around an indoor Christmas tree to be opened on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

5 Best Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

If you are still looking for something new and innovative for your Christmas tree, try putting something other than stars or angels on your tree.

1. Rustic, White Christmas Tree
This Christmas tree does not have the traditional bright green shades. Instead, the color is white or covered with snow. You can add a milk hat decoration to the tree, and stream the burlap ribbon under the tree and the metal star treetop goes perfectly with reclaimed wood throughout the country porch. The finishing touch is a large burlap star at the top.

2. Black and White Christmas Tree
Are you looking for a modern Christmas tree? So everything from decorations to gifts decorates black and white. Then the display is finished with black and white ball ornaments, the spelling of modern Xmas letters at the bottom of the tree, and packages that follow the same color scheme. This is an attractive yet simple design.

3. Make Christmas Tree Skirts
Making Christmas tree skirt can be as easy as wrapping material under your tree. Cut a piece of cloth about 4 to 5 meters long and wrap it around the base of your tree if you decide to choose the first option. Your skirt will give a smooth look, color and feel to the base of your tree until the big day.

4. Fairy Christmas Tree
If you like something very lively and colorful, then you can fill the tree with ornaments that looked like fairies. Some of them are faces and others are candy. Then you see fairy legs sticking out all over the place too. Very funny.

5. Sweet and Sugary Christmas Tree
Make the most of your Christmas decorations with lots of candy, Lollipop ornaments, peppermint trinkets, and gingerbread house decorations adorn this colorful tree.

Decorating the Christmas tree can be a wonderful way to come together and enjoy the holiday season. With the combination of the flowers, ornaments, and lights, it will be a tree to behold for every year.

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